Sincro EKO 215

Sincro EKO 215

Production Input: 65 kg per hour



The new generation of ultra-compact granulators, SINCRO EKO, for the recycling of copper and aluminum cables, available in four different models with a production capacity range from 50 to 400 kg/h, input.

The evolution of the SINCRO EKO, has allowed a significant manufacturing costs’ reduction, keeping the same quality criteria that distinguish GUIDETTI in the world.

The ease of use and maintenance of the cable granulators, together with the complete technical documentation, allow the operator to fully understand the machine’ functioning.

The SINCRO EKO series has the best performances on the market in terms of energetic consumption and costs of maintenance per kg of recovered metal.

These characteristics make the SINCRO EKO series in the vanguard in the field and allows the buyer to recover rapidly the investment done.

65 Kg/hour Input

3.6 kW

  • With manual and automatic feeding
  • Conform to CE rules
  • Easy maintenance
  • Single phase or Three phase
  • Rotary valve

Low Volume Cable Granulation