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Bronneberg Reel Splitter

Our Product Specifications

The Bronneberg Reel Splitters

Our product range includes roll-cutting machines (sometimes referred to as paper-roll cutters or reel splitters) for the recycling of roll remainders from, for example, paper production, the packing industry, print works, the textile industry etc. These heavy rolls cannot be processed efficiently using the normal cutting equipment, but with our special “Guillotine” roll cutters this problem is eliminated. Our years of experience in the engineering of recycling machines have enabled us to develop a paper-roll cutter that is calculated to give years of trouble-free service in the recycling of paper rolls.
Various versions of the Bronneberg reel cutting machine are available. The roll cutter is suitable for cutting paper, carton, plastic foil and aluminium foil. Our range contains reel cutting machines for rolls up to 3,000 mm wide and maximum 1,200 mm in diameter.

Power Pack: 5.5 kW

Max Roll Diameter: 850-1250mm

Cutting Width: 1000-3000mm

Cutting Force: 30-60 tonnes

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