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6200 HCC

Robust in design yet simple to maintain and service.

Operating Weight

Max. Range

122 Tonnes

60 m Boom

Our Product Specifications

The Sennebogen 6200 Harbour Crawler Crane is designed and built specifically for port applications. With its compact size this crane is a very useful tool for general hook work and grabbing with a maximum lifting capacity of 122 tonnes. It combines power and flexibility for many different operations.

Top-level performance
CAT diesel engine with 470 / 570 kW.

Versatile equipment
Boom length combinations for 30 to 60 m.

Cab comfort
MaxCab or Mastercab options for continuous relaxed work with fixed or hydraulically elevating solutions.

Highest safety standards
Easily accessible maintenance points via walk-on uppercarriage, railing, and gallery on the cab and uppercarriage, LED headlights, peripheral cameras right and rear.

The Sennebogen 6200 HCC has many variants and options to provide the best solution for your operations.

  • Up to 54 meters working radius from centre of machine
  • Crawler HCC available
  • Crawler versions with option of quay friendly pads
  • Heavy duty winch at 200kN line pull or double in-line winches option
  • Auxiliary jibs
  • Pylon options available to lift boom pivot point
  • Swivel hooks / clamshell operations
  • Motor swivel hook options with electric generator
  • Maxcab for a comfortable, operator friendly environment
  • Cab elevation choices to give better operations viewing
  • Complete and safe galvanised gallery walkways
  • Marine environment options for long lasting operations for ports.

Attachments for the 6200 HMC or HCC can provide the operator with technology to handle the cargo and materials for optimisation and flexibility.

  • re-handling clamshell grabs
  • hooks, free or motorised swivel
  • spreader beams

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Additional Information

Designed specifically for port operations the Sennebogen 6200 harbour crawler crane provides excellent control and safety for lifting and grabbing work. With unique high elevating cabs, spacious and ergonomic in design the 6200 is a very versatile machine with excellent reach, fuel economies and reduced operating costs. Its durable mechanical systems, easy to service and maintain the Sennebogen 6200 is a great choice.

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