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EQ 8100 / 8130 E-Series

Robust in design yet simple to maintain and service.

Operating Weight

Max. Range

135 tonnes

21 - 25 m

Our Product Specifications

Top-level performance
Cummins Diesel engine 119 kW / 129 kW

Electric motor option 110 kW / 132 kW 

Versatile equipment
21 m or 23 m or 25 m reach

Cab comfort
MaxCab or Mastercab options for continuous relaxed work

Highest safety standards
Easily accessible maintenance points via walk-on uppercarriage, railing, and gallery on the cab and uppercarriage, LED headlights, peripheral cameras right and rear

Energy saving drives
This machine with its electro-hydraulic drive solutions and due to its impressive equilibrium design produces up to 75% of fuel savings compared to conventional diesel powered handling.

8100 EQ:

Max. 5 t at 21 m

Max. 4,5 t at 23 m

8130 EQ:

Max. 6t at 21 m

Max. 5,5 t at 23 m

Max. 5,2 t at 25 m

The Sennebogen 8100 & 8130 EQ Balance material handler  has many variants and options to provide the best solution for your operations.

  • 22 – 26 m working radius from centre of machine
  • Crawler versions with option of quay friendly pads
  • Portal/gantry crawler and rail versions
  • Stationary option available
  • Pylon choices to suit working heights and depths for all undercarriage versions
  • Cab choices with Maxcab and MasterCab
  • Fixed cab elevation choices to give better operations viewing
  • Complete and safe galvanised gallery walkways
  • Diesel or Electric versions available
  • Sennebogen Green Hybrid Energy Recovery System for fuel savings
  • Marine environment options for long lasting operations for ports.

Attachments for the 8100 & 8130 can provide the operator with technology to handle the cargo and materials for optimisation and flexibility.

  • re-handling grabs of all shapes and sizes including clamshell, orangepeel for light and heavy materials…
  • hooks
  • spreader beams
  • bale clamps
  • timber grabs
  • balance forks
  • vacuum lifting
  • magnets
  • quick connectors for fast and simple changeover.

More information

8100/8130 Crawler info at Sennebogen website, click here…

8100/8130 Rail info at Sennebogen website, click here…

8100/8130 Stationary info at Sennebogen website, click here…

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Additional Information

Designed specifically for extremely efficient Material Handling operations the Sennebogen 8100 & 8130 Series offers superb reach. Combining the balancer design and Green Efficiency it helps produce significant fuel savings and reduce operating costs as well as working quietly to protect the operator and environment. Its durable mechanical systems, high speed and high loading capability makes the Sennebogen 8100 & 8130 Balancer a great choice. The handler comes equipped with our simple to navigate SENCON control system.

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