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835 E-Series

Robust in design yet simple to maintain and service.

Operating Weight

Max. Range

45.5 tonnes


Our Product Specifications

  • Top-level performance:
    Cummins diesel engine with 231kW – Stage 5
  • High safe working load and reach:
    up to 4.6 t at 17 m
  • Versatile equipment:
    15 m to 18 m
  • Maxcab comfort:
    Cab for continuous relaxed work, can be hydraulically elevated over 2.7 m
  • Highest safety standards:
    Easily accessible maintenance points via walk-on uppercarriage, railing, and gallery on the cab and uppercarriage, LED headlights, peripheral cameras right and rear
  • K16:
    Max. 5,4 t at 15 m
  • K18: 
    Max. 4,6 t at 17 m
  • B18:
    Max. 4,2 t at 16,5 m
  • K16 ULM:
    Max. 4,5 t at 15 m
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Additional Information

Designed specifically for Material Handling operations the Sennebogen 835 Series offers 15-18m of reach. The Green Efficiency helps save fuel and reduce operating costs as well as working quietly to protect the operator and enviroment. Its durable mechanical systems, high speed and high loading capability makes the Sennebogen 835 a great choice. The 835 comes equipped with a hydraulically elevating MAXCAB for comfortable operation and complete with our simple to navigate SENCON control system.

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