Acculoader Horizontal Container Loader

Acculoader Horizontal Container Loader



Acculoader Horizontal Container Loader

The only proven horizontal container loading system in the world – with more than 60 installed units over the last 3 years. 
Discover a better way to load HMS 1 and 2 steel with this patented horizontal loading system.

The Acculoader is manufactured to withstand heavy impact materials so that even the heaviest commodity can be loaded into any shipment container. Its design allows container trucks to back right up to the Acculoader. The Acculoader allows ease of scrap shipment loading to reduce waste while saving time and money.

The Acculoader is suitable for all types of container chassis and trailers. During the loading of the empty container, the container remains horizontal on the trailer, leading to the first big saving in the actual loading cycle.

After the Acculoader has been loaded with the desired weight, the truck with the empty container is placed against the Acculoader, after which it is hitched. The complete Acculoader loading chamber is then pushed into the empty container, without touching the inside of the container. The retraction of the Acculoader, in combination with pushing the material forwards through a hydraulic pusher block, ensures a safe, efficient, accurate and fast loading process.

Unlike vertical container loading, the Acculoader can achieve full loading cycles in under 20 minutes. The Acculoader is the leading solution for fast, safe, efficient and accurate horizontal loading of your bulk materials.


  • One universal system for both 20 and 40 foot containers
  • Available with Diesel or Electric power pack
  • Shorter loading times per container: “Time is money”
  • Saving staffing during loading, while increasing safety
  • Empty container does not need to be removed or tilted from trailer
  • No Container damages during loading process, even when loading dense materials
  • Digital weight scale