Blue Devil GFS6000

Blue Devil GFS6000



Blue Devil GFS6000 automobile shredders to efficiently shred cars, vehicles and heavy materials


The Blue Devil GFS6000 car shredders series is utilised in the heavy-duty metal recycling of automobiles and vehicles. The body of this twin-shaft shredder with tray pusher is installed at an angle on a sturdy support structure. The material is loaded in the hopper and conveyed toward the cutting shafts by a hydraulic feeding pusher which facilitates feeding and demolition, optimising the efficiency and preventing the “flotation” effect. The movement of the pusher and of the quick discharge are managed by a hydraulic control unit housed under the pusher support frame.


General features

  • Cutting shafts equipped with 4 planetary gears (2 per shaft) and 4 industrial electric motors (2 per shaft)
  • Each of the four motors is powered by an inverter which manages their speed and power
  • Shredder body in a solid, very thick monolithic element
  • Large welded steel structure loading hopper
  • The operating cycle is fully controlled by a PLC

Technical data

Shredding area dimensions Inch79,3 x 82,0
Body dimensions Inch101,7 x 109,25 x 39,3
Blades quantity Nr42 + 36
Loading hopper capacity FT3529,7
Main power supplyElectric drive
Total installed power KW / HP580 / 778
Rotor speed (fast/slow) HzFAST MAX 6
Total weight 179


  • Support scaffolding equipped with walkways and access ladders
  • Quick discharge for the ejection of pieces that cannot be crushed
  • Replaceable walls and armour plates of the machine body and of the pusher made of Hardox 400
  • Shaft unit can be completely removed for maintenance and/or replacement of individual components
  • Blade fixing system developed by Zato allowing them to be held on the shaft in extreme stress/load conditions
  • Blades made of special suitably heat-treated steel for improved performance
  • Supply unit housed in climate-controlled container safe from impact, damage and dust recirculation
  • Wireless remote control for controlling machine operating functions with emergency stop button