Blue Shark FP

Blue Shark FP



In consideration of present business conditions, where overcapacity of mega-shredders is putting significant pressure to be profitable on scrap recycling companies, we have engineered a new shredder series, the most compact available on the market. The FP series of Blue Shark Hammermill is easier to manage and maintain and plant management costs are really kept to a minimum.

At Zato we have developed an integrated solution, where our pre-shredder Blue Devil GF Series is combined with our hammermill Blue Shark FP series, thus enabling a faster shredding, higher efficiency, better output product and higher production rates, while protecting the hammermill itself.


General features

  • Easier to manage and maintain
  • Scrap loaded into a feeding hopper
  • The hydraulic pushing feeder system allows an automatically controlled feeding of the hammermill
  • The process could be automatic or control with a remote control by the operator
  • The shredding chamber is a heavy welded steel plate construction, suitably stiffened and reinforced
  • Three different types of high-inertia, long life rotors, to meet different requirements

Technical data

Technical data12.10 FP-CS16.13 FP16.13 CS19.22 FP – CS
Cutting chamber HP420100012001500 – 2000 – 3000
Rotor swing Inch47636375
Rotor width Inch39515187



The shredding chamber is equipped with a remote controlled hydraulically operated ejection door, designed to withstand unsherdables material which may be inadvertently fed into the shredder

Shredding chamber and pushing feeder are covered by high-impact resistant steel liner plates

The assembly is installed on supporting structures made of robust carbon steel profiles, welded together with structural reinforcements

The main drive motor is a recognized name brand industrial motor, designed to withstand the requirements of a shredding operation, that is coupled to the shredder by a drive shaft with a hydraulic coupling of our own exclusive design and manufacturing

Extractable grids frame, in order to facilitate and speed up grids change and all maintenance operations

The hammermill is also supplied with a detachable maintenance platform with integrated hammer pins extractor, for an easy and quick replacement of hammers