Blue Storm GF1000

Blue Storm GF1000



The most effective industrial pre-shredder for light ferrous and non-ferrous scrap

The Blue Storm GF1000 is the most effective solution for shredding light scrap metal. Made of high strength steel, it is the most robust shredding machine in its class as it assures exceptional performance and completely safe processing operations. Its twin shafts have been engineered using the finest materials to ensure unprecedented precision and maximum strength.

General features

  • Ideal for light scrap, RAEE, tires, wood and white metal goods
  • Smart technology for full remote assistance
  • Compact size and exceptional performance

Technical data

Feeding hopper
Weight 1,1
Upper opening dimensions Inch138 x 99
Capacity ft3141
Shredding body
Weight 31
Overall dimensions incl.213 x 99 x 35
gearboxes and hydraulic motors Inc.
Shredding area dimensions Inc.78 x 54
Shaft diameter Inc.31
Blades support typehexagonal
Shaft weight with blades 5,5 – 5
Shafts speed (fast\slow – automatic) rpm2,5 – 4,5
Blades quantity78
Blades width Inc.6
Support structure
Dimensions Inc.146 x 92 x 37
Weight 5,5
General data
Total weight 39
Total dimensions236 x 99 x 177


  • PLC programmed to automatically set shaft speed, rotational direction and overload shutdown parameters
  • Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technology allows remote maintenance, assistance and monitoring
  • Extremely solid and compact main body for unprecedented performance
  • PLC allows data storage and back-up directly on Zato’s own service portal
  • Easy installation and quick transfer