Bronneberg A-500EN

Bronneberg A-500EN

Max. Range: Changeable according to input material



Bronneberg Recycling A-500EN Alligator Shear

The easy-to-operate A-500EN alligator shear is fitted with a hydraulic adjustable clamp, which holds material in place during the cutting cycle.

The protected shear head is operated by a foot pedal for single or continuous cutting. The opening of the shear head can be adjusted step free by simply moving the end switch. Blade opening and cutting speed adjustable.


  • 7.5 kW
  • 500 mm Blade Length
  • 250 mm Blade Opening
  • 50 dia cut capacity (st. 37)
  • Foot pedal operation for single or continuous cutting
  • Safety Cage
  • Hydraulic hold-down clamp