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Bronneberg Engine Crusher

The Bronneberg engine crusher is available with a diesel or electric drive. Optionally, we can equip this machine with a vibrating table with drum magnet or with a horizontal belt with over belt magnet.

Production Input

1080 x 980 mm charging box

Our Product Specifications

Engine Crusher Bronneberg

The Bronneberg engine crusher is designed to process car engines, gearboxes and aluminium wheels.

The machine has a pusher cylinder with 125 tons crushing force. The entire box of the machine is equipped with HARDOX wear plates. Due to a sophisticated system you are able to adjust the opening of the exit, determining the size of the output material.

  • Dimensions: 2700 x 1450 x 3300 mm
  • Hopper Size: 1500 x 980 mm
  • Weight: 6650 kg
  • Compression force: 125 tonnes
  • Charging box dimensions: 1080 x 980 mm
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