Bronneberg Forfex 400

Bronneberg Forfex 400

Max. Range: Changeable according to input material



The Forfex-400 Alligator Shear

The Bronneberg Forfex-400 alligator shear is equipped with 400mm blades. This hydraulic alligator shear is the ideal machine when it comes to the cleaning of light and medium sized non-ferrous materials. This shear can also be used for shearing ferrous materials like reinforcing bar and mild steel round bar too.

This maintenance and operator friendly shear is equipped with a mechanically adjustable hold-down clamp in combination with a safety guard over the cutting head. The hold down clamp prevents material from kicking back and therefore guarantees operator safety.

The shear head is operated by a mechanical foot pedal for single or continuous cutting. The opening of the shear head can be adjusted by simply moving the end switch. To maximise the operator safety, the shear head moves back to its starting position immediately when the operator removes his foot from the pedal.


  • 7.5 kW
  • 400mm Blade Length
  • 250mm Blade Opening
  • Max 40mm dia St. 37
  • Mechanical hold down
  • Adjustable blade opening
  • Safety Cage

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 1750 x 700 x 1500mm
  • Weight: 720 kg