Bronneberg Kab-X

Bronneberg Kab-X

Production input: 2 - 90mm dia



Bronneberg Recycling Cable Stripper Kab-X

The Kab-X is a versatile cable stripper designed to easily strip light armoured aluminium and copper cables. This cable stripper is the only machine on the market with a three way cable-strip mechanism.
For this reason, this copper wire stripper can process cables from 1 mm up to 90 mm (1/16″-3.5″) at a phenomenal speed of 50m/min (160 ft/min).

This cable stripper is very easy to adjust and – because of the accurate cable guiding system – even the most complicated cables (multi-core and triangle shape) can be stripped in one pass. Thanks to the transparent poly-carbonate hood, the stripping process can be monitored easily.

This Bronneberg cable stripper is based on 35 years’ experience and is built to last. This copper wire stripper is available with a three-phase or a single-phase electric motor.


  • 3.0 kW
  • 2-90mm Cutting Capacity
  • 50 m/min stripping Speed

Additional Information

  • Weight 225kg
  • Dimensions: 760 x 610 x 1450 mm