Cayman shear attachment

Cayman shear attachment



Our demolition shear technology was born twenty years ago with distinctive design elements that still meet specific functions, making it unique. It is the technology of a reliable, robust and practically indestructible shear. Our engineers have designed elements that still unchanged thus performing up to expectations, and they have also created elements over the years that have uniquely shaped the style of our demolition shear.


General features

  • Distinctive design of the side shape and the mobile jaw
  • Extraordinary cutting capacity
  • Second guide of the jaw and the tip covered by the blade
  • Improved operating/maintenance performance of the shear

Technical data

Technical data06R10R20R30R40R50R70R90R
Weight lbs14332425463063939370127871598320944
C-Reach Inch6575103116133150162176
A-Jaw opening Inch1517232529313538
B-Jaw depth Inch1316232330323839
Excavator weight 2nd member /boom mounting Ust04-Jul08-Nov15-2022-3126-3937-5544-6666-88
Excavator weight 3rd07-OctNov-1320-3031-4343-5557-7277-99100-121
member / stick mounting Ust        
Cylinder recommended3625-43515076-55115076-55115076-55115076-55115076-55115076-55115076-5511
pressure Psi        
Cylinder recommended flow gl\min34-4040-4840-4853-6666-8092-106119-133172-185
Rotation recommended1450-15951450-15951450-15951450-15951450-15951450-15951740-20302030-2320
pressure Psi        
Rotation recommended flow gl\min44777121316



  • The powerful cylinder, along with the aggressive geometry of the cutting area, allows excellent performance
  • Main body made of high-quality steel
  • Exclusive technologies of cutting blades, gearboxes and regenerative valves
  • The shears are suitable to be employed in all harsh working conditions
  • Both fixed and mobile versions available