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Electric Motor Wrecker

Scrap electric motor recycling

Max. Range

330mm diameter Stator

Our Product Specifications

Electric Motor Wrecker

Profitable recycling of scrap electric motors on is from now onwards possible with the Bronneberg Electric Motor Wrecker.

The working cycle of this revolutionary machine can be described in the following 3 steps:
– The wrecking of the aluminium or cast iron motor housing and removal of the anchor/rotor;
– The splitting of the stator or transformer block in 2 equal parts;
– Separating iron and copper of the stator by means of a sophisticated hydraulic operation.

This extremely robust machine is produced with European components and according the latest machine guidelines, obviously this machine is fitted with CE-certification.
– Ergonomic working height
– Maximum security
– Robust construction
– Easy to relocate


Power Pack: 5.5 kW

Weight: 1400kg

Maximum Stator Diameter 330mm (Cracking and Splitting)

Dimensions: 1500 x 850 x 2500 mm

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