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Flex 1000 Mobile

Flex Mobile hammermills feature a great flexibility in material processing.

Production Input

6-8 tonnes per hour

Our Product Specifications


Thanks to its patented cradle, Panizzolo Flex 1000 Compact Mobile can quickly and easily grind and refine a wide range of scrap metal waste like pre-shredded aluminium profile, MSW cans, small size WEEE and electric motors, car fluff, radiators, shredded sandwich covering panels, metal components polluted by plastics and rubber and many more.


Panizzolo Flex 1000 Compact Mobile is suitable to grind and refine middle size metal materials.

Its components are contained in a soundproof cabin, allowing a silent and safe process and treatment. Panizzolo Flex 1000 Compact Mobile is designed for a quick and easy installation, and its in-built magnetic overbelt operates a first separation between ferrous and non ferrous materials.

Thanks to its energy-saving motors and its innovative grinding system, Panizzolo hammermills can reduce energy costs and guarantee high hourly production rates.


Panizzolo Flex 1000 Compact Mobile is designed to be quickly and easily moved and transported. It has an indipendent hydraulic lifting system, with four hydraulic cylinders that can lift it up to 1.5 mt.


Weight: 28,000 kgs

250 kW

6-8 tonnes/hour

Hammers: 24

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