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Panizzolo refinement system is designed to process specific fractions of waste and to recover the metals contained in them (especially copper). Some examples of waste are:

  • FLUFF: resulting from flotation plants or the mixed metal scrap grinding (containing copper, aluminium, steel, glass, cement dust, and so on).
  • fraction of waste deprived of metal scraps and not selected by WEEE processing plants(including plastic, steel components, cables, and so on);
  • Copper deprived of metal scraps (contaminated by steel, plastic and so on) resulting from the grinding of electrical motors;
  • Printing circuits clippings from PCBs (with glass and copper dust)





Recommended Machines:

Flex 400 industry

Flex 500 stationary refine

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In the treatment cycle designed by Panizzolo specific patented hammermills (series RAF-M and series RAF-F) are installed. Designed thanks to the direct experience of the company, they ensure high performance of scrap metal waste grinding and granulation even in the presence of steel scraps and abrasive aggregates. The material then is conveyed to the densimetric separation tables, allowing to:

  • Separate completely recoverable metals from inert waste.
  • Separate and recover copper and aluminium granules
  • Recover and separate stainless steel


Unlike traditional processing methods, Panizzolo refinement system allows the complete recovery of metals(copper, aluminium and stainless steel), that can be reintroduced on the market as secondary raw material.

Generally, the systems currently available on the market are: cable recycling systems (that cannot process any material including stainless steel or abrasive aggregates) and optical and x-rays sorting systems. These latter present significant limitations. In fact, they can only separate one type of material at a time while the operator needs to handle the output containing both inert waste and metals, at the end of the various processing steps.

Conversely, Panizzolo refinement system employs mechanical grinding methods. Waste is processed by patented hammermills, which turn metal into granules and grinds the inert waste. In this way, the system produces the perfect output for the final separation through the densimetric tables.

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