M-Generation HS Baler

M-Generation HS Baler

Production Input: ELV and light scrap



Available in either 5 or 6 m charging box.

Suited for longer materials or vehicles.

  • Bale size: 800/880 x 650 x Var.
  • Lid force: 200 tonnes (3 Rams)
  • Side force: 200 tonnes (3 Rams)
  • Baling force: 160 tonnes


Options include:

  • Diesel engine or electric motor. Self-sufficient (D) vs. lowest running/maintenance cost (E).
  • Remote control. Ideal to run the machine from the crane or forklift with just one operator.
  • Self loading legs. Fast loading and unloading of the machine onto a trailer.
  • Bale ejector door. Reduces cycle time as bale is ejected automatically at the end of the cycle.
  • Crane and cabin. Turns the baler into a self sufficient one-man operation.
  • Trailer. Guarantees total mobility.