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M5/M6 550/715 tonnes Shear Baler

Operating Weight

48 tonnes

Our Product Specifications

M5 – 5m Charging Box

M6 – 6m Charging Box

Experience and innovation are at the heart of M Generation series.
Minimal design without loss of performance is the essence of these
compact “powerhouse” workhorses.

Robust Innovative Structure – Mobility combined with strength
Feed box – Wide and deep for extra volume
3 Ram lid system – Powerful with superior distribution of forces
Lids – Fast to close system
Baling cylinder – Superior force
Modular system – Semi-mobile or stationary configuration

Shearforce, tons: 550/550/715
Hold down force, tons: 120 120 120
Lid force, tons 200 (3 rams)
Side force, tons 200 (3 rams)
Baling force, tons 160
Box length, mm: 5.000 or 6.000
Bale size, cm 880 x 650 x Variable
Diesel engine, Hp: 190 or 220

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