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M5/M6 550/715 tonnes Shear Baler

Operating Weight

48 tonnes

Our Product Specifications

M5 – 5m Charging Box

M6 – 6m Charging Box

M7 – 7.5m Charging Box

Experience and innovation are at the heart of M Generation series.
Minimal design without loss of performance is the essence of these
compact “powerhouse” workhorses.

Robust Innovative Structure – Mobility combined with strength
Feed box – Wide and deep for extra volume
3 Ram lid system – Powerful with superior distribution of forces
Lids – Fast to close system
Baling cylinder – Superior force
Modular system – Semi-mobile or stationary configuration

Shearforce, tons: 550/550/715/815/1050
Hold down force, tons: M5 and M6 120, M7  150
Lid force, tons 200 (3 rams m5 and m6) 275
Side force, tons 200 (3 rams m5 and m6) 275
Baling force, tons 160
Box length, mm: 5.000, 6.000, 7.500
Bale size, cm 880 x 650 x Variable
Diesel engine, Hp: M5 190, M6 190 or 220, M7 275

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