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PZ E-Op Openers

Operating Weight

1000mm × 960mm - 1500mm ×1100mm

Our Product Specifications


The Panizzolo PZ E-Op Openers range includes all the qualities and features of the Panizzolo PZ 2 Shredders range.

Panizzolo PZ E-Op Openers combine innovative features of a standard two-shaft shredder with special blades composition and free dischargement – unloading of the material, obtaining high performances in pre-shredding processes.
The PZ E-Op Openers range is designed to shred, stretch and pre-treat the following materials:

  • Pressed material
  • MSW Waste
  • WEEE
  • Steel wire from disused tires




Models Cutting chamber dimentions Motor Power (kW)
PZ 2 E-OP 1000 1000×960 1×37 + 1×5,5
PZ 2 E-OP 1300 1300×960 1×37 + 1×5,5
PZ 2 E-OP 1500 1500×1100 1×45 + 1×7,5
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