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The perfect addition to an existing cable granulation line to ensure near perfect separation

Production Input

Changeable according to input material

Our Product Specifications

The separators of the ROBI series perfectly separate all the materials normally difficult to separate.

The Guidetti separators have been designed to separate granulated materials, ground stuff and grains having the same particle size but different specific weight.
The continuous running and the wide range of adjustment make the separators particularly suitable for their insertion in recycling plants.

Input dependant on material

3.5 kW

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Additional Information

Some example of use:

  • Recovery of metals from electric cables (separation of copper and aluminum; separation of copper or aluminum from PVC or rubber);
  • Appliance in plastic industries (separation of plastics from metals, sand, stones, fibers, etc…);
  • Appliance in woodworking industries (separation of wood from metals, sand, stones, glass, etc…).

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