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Sincro 415

Electric cables and radiators

Production Input

150-200 kg per hour

Our Product Specifications


The new series of compact granulators SINCRO, has been designed to process copper and aluminium cables and radiators. With shredding and subsequent dry separation we are able to efficiently separate copper and aluminium from the insulating materials such as plastic, rubber or paper and the perfect separation between copper and aluminium in case of radiators. The Sincro granulator can be fed manually or automatically with the addition of a conveyor belt according to end user’s requirements.

Available in 3 different models with a production capacity range from 50 to 1100 kg/h, input.

The ease of use and maintenance, together with the complete technical documentation, allow the operator to fully understand the machine’s functioning. The SINCRO series offers the best performances ever, in terms of energetic consumption and maintaining costs per kg. of metal recovered.

The altogether of these features, makes the SICNRO in the vanguard in the field and allows the buyer to recover rapidly the investment done.
The SINCRO series can be combined to the Guidetti PMG pre-shredder series.

150-200 Kg/hour Input

15 kW


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