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Sincro Mill 215

Electric cable and electronic cables

Production Input

80-120 kg per hour

Our Product Specifications


The new compact granulators of the series SINCRO MILL allow to process simultaneously rigid copper cables and very thin ones, without the necessity of pre-selection and they are easy to maintain as ever.
Despite the compactness and the low energetic consumption of the machines, The Sincro Mill is a fully integrated system that includes a blade granulator, a zig-zag separator, a turbo and a separating table to ensure a perfect separation at the end of the cycle.
Thick metals coming from plugs, connectors, rigid copper wires, are separated directly from the zig-zag, while very thin cables are further reduced into the turbo, improving the quality of separation and reducing the loss of metals in the plastic to a value very close to zero.

It can be combined to the Guidetti Pre-shredder, PMG series.

80-120 Kg/hour Input

12.5 kW


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Additional Information

  • With manual and automatic feeding
  • Conform to CE rules
  • Prearranged for connection with optional equipment
  • Operators control station with programmable PLC
  • Easy maintenance

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