Solmec EXP 5020

Solmec EXP 5020




SOLMEC was first established in 1960 to manufacture material handling machines. Solmec was founded to satisfy the local market in Northern Italy. The Company was immediately appreciated for its solutions and since its inception, has been appreciated for being at the forefront of technology and for the high standard of its products, which are manufactured using only high quality components and materials.

Over the years, the company has always re- invested its financial resources to increase its range of products and to improve the services it offers to its customers. Today, Solmec Spa is one of the market leaders and it is known all over the world.

Solmec Manufactures Rehandling machines on Wheels, Tracks and on Pedestals. Solmec are the market leader in rehandling in the Italian market and have gained prominent market po­sition throughout Europe. Versatility, reliability and Stability are the strong points that have made Solmec a major manufacturer in the material handling business.


WEIGHT      20,500kg
REACH         8-9.5M
PUMP          LINDE