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Telescopic Cranes

Robust in design yet simple to maintain and service.

Operating Weight

Max. Range

8 - 120 t Lift Capacity

24 - 67 m Hook Height

Our Product Specifications

As a leading manufacturer of telescopic cranes, Sennebogen has over 20 years of experience in constructing and manufacturing telescopic cranes. These machines can be used in ports for a variety of operations from lifting with general hook work or man-riding and working at height for installation or maintenance of port facilities and include the following features:

Top-level performance
Full Power Boom: Driving and telescoping under load.

Compact design and dimensions

Versatile equipment
Simple and robust design with long operations lifetime.

Low transport costs with shortest rigging time possible.

Available as crawler, mobile, or truck mounted.

Free on wheel duties and outriggers or retracted/ extended crawler side-frames

Cab comfort
MaxCab available for continuous relaxed work with fixed or hydraulically elevating solutions with steel guarding and bullet proof windscreen available.

Highest safety standards
Easily accessible maintenance points via walk-on uppercarriage, LED headlights, peripheral cameras right and rear.

The Sennebogen telescopic cranes also has many variants and options to provide the best solution for your operations.

  • Sennebogen 613, max lift capacity 16t, maximum hook height 24m, winch 35 kN, mobile or crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 633, max lift capacity 30t, maximum hook height 38.2m, winch 35 kN, crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 643, max lift capacity 40t, maximum hook height 43m, winch 35 kN, mobile or crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 653, max lift capacity 50t, maximum hook height 43m, winch 50 kN, crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 673, max lift capacity 70t, maximum hook height 51m, winch 50 kN, crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 683, max lift capacity 80t, maximum hook height 58m, winch 72 kN, mobile or crawler. Sennebogen info…
  • Sennebogen 6113, max lift capacity 120t, maximum hook height 67m, winch 125 kN, crawler. Sennebogen info…

Attachments for the telescopic cranes can provide the operator with technology to provide suitable lifts for all types of materials.

  • 1 or 2 winches with hooks
  • fly jibs
  • extended fixed jibs
  • hooks
  • Man riding baskets, rotatable for working at height
  • clamshell grabs
  • magnets of all shapes and sizes with generator

Click on the brochure below for an example other use the links above to see specification options at Sennebogen or contact the Hassells sales team today to discuss the best solution for your port.

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