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Vibrating Sieves and Tables

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Changeable according to input material

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Vibrating tables and boards with vibrating motors operate a correct distribution of the material on special sieves. They can perform separation of dust and small size materials from larger materials (ferrous or non-ferrous) giving back a more refined output in the final part of recycling plants.

They are designed to be stationary or mobile plants, and they can work in several areas and productions:

  • They can help in electric motors treatment and separation
  • They operate perfect cleaning through sieving systems with dynamic shake Separator(i.e. for copper wire and shredded iron materials).
  • They work separating materials by their size, or in loop systems to reach required dimensions, like in classifier sieve systems for the division of the steel wire from the inert components (i.e. Steel tire wire and rubber-polluted iron wire).
  • They clean dirty materials with vibrating sieve with holes working as dust removers.




The high quality level of the entire separation process in Panizzolo Zig-Zag Air Separator is guaranteed by the control software. It has been set up by Panizzolo, it is easy and user-friendly, in order to manage the production in real time.
The processing is always optimized and, if necessary, is arranged with a remote connection assistance.

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