WEEE Series and Car Fluff

WEEE Series and Car Fluff

Production Input: Changeable according to input material



Guidetti innovative solution finds its best representative in the compact lines for WEEE and ASR recycling, with a production capacity starting from 500 kg/h. No need of big spaces anymore for the recycling of this waste.

The new W.E.E.E system / CAR FLUFF system has been designed to recover metals coming from electrical and electronic equipment waste. This is the ideal solution for the processing of waste coming from automotive demolition.

Environmentally friendly, compact and innovative, this system represents a step forward to pollution’s reduction thanks to the recovery of raw materials.

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R2: Low grade E-WASTE: White goods (washing machines, dishwasher,oven, hoods, hobs).

R3: Medium grade E-WASTE: input: about 16’’ (400 mm) TV and monitor (CRT, LCD or plasma screens).

R4: High grade E-WASTE: input: about 8’’ (200 mm) Small domestic appliances, consumer electronics, lighting (electronic cards, printers, notebooks, telephones, etc.).

Car-Fluff: It is the waste coming from the de-polluting and demolition processes of vehicles.

E-Waste Processing and Car Fluff (ASR)